Books with unusual but effective covers

Wacky yet wonderful book covers. Ah... subjectivity!

Jemma Bush

Fortunato Depero
Charles D. Blanchard

Charles D. Blanchard

16 June at 14:32

Hello. My name is Charles Blanchard. I would like to introduce my latest novel, Kingdom's End, for your pleasure.

Kingdom’s End is an adventure story where the main characters are rodents. The setting is an abandoned motion picture palace from the 1920s that has been closed for thirty years and is set for demolition. It is here where the characters make their massive colony and fight to protect it.

The story deals with their struggle to survive in a dark urban landscape and the threats posed against them from both man and beast. It is exciting and complex and an easy read with strong characters and narrative that makes you feel their plight.

There are many conflicts. Among them, a plot within the colony to overthrow the aged blind leader by an ambitious ruthless soldier and a good deal of the story involves how he goes about it. Later, the plot is discovered as forces work against the perpetrator.

The rodent characters have names. The human characters interspersed in the story are nameless.

There is considerable adventure outside the colony as characters are introduced that play important roles such as the derelict rats that specialize in the placement of poison and even a fortune teller. The interaction with humans and other animals has an emotional pull that infuses the story to its conclusion as the blind leader of the entrapped colony facing the exterminators tells his subjects they must make their decision on life or death.

I have dedicated the novel to Richard Adams, whose animal themed work has been an inspiration.

Dani T.

Dani T.

11 November at 21:00

This is a great book! If you like jules verne, conan doyle etc. you'll like this book, 'The Alien Stone' by Barry Uglow. Classic historical fiction with a modern Alien conspiracy twist. Very well written and knowledgeable author. First in the series of The Adventures of Professor Margrave. Pen drawn illustrations on cover and in interior by Christopher Cole

JF Hussey

JF Hussey

25 September at 09:41

My cover designer, Ares Jun, did a fantastic job capturing the brain-numbing conformity of the cubicle farm and the vague but tantalizing hope for "escape" that leads protagonist Jerrod Beams to examine his life, ditch the 9-to-5 career and reclaim his birthright to happiness.

E.J. Nottingwood

E.J. Nottingwood

11 July at 02:52

"Zenith" by E.J. Nottingwood takes you to your average high school with your average female protagonist. Only, this female protagonist is in love with an abusive bully, who just so happens to be a female as well.



5 July at 17:18

Hello, If different is what you want please check out my two poetry e books See Our World, and Many Facets Of Love. held together by a core theme they are the first two books for Plot 121. A simple but raw Poet. Me....

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