The Art of Shouting Quietly: A Guide to Self-Promotion for Quiet Souls

By Peter L Mosley

Business, Personal growth, Psychology & philosophy | Paperback, eBook

This book is aimed at all the brilliant people out there who have fabulous products and services, but who struggle to promote themselves through shyness, introversion or a mistrust of the marketing process in general. It’s aimed at people who want to find success on their own terms, boost their confidence, get a clear sense of direction, overcome blocks and barriers (real or imagined), and connect effectively with others. One of the questions the book explores is the perennial problem of self-confidence. It’s a mercurial quality at the best of times, and one which ebbs and flows for everyone throughout their lives. Pete Mosley’s work as writer and coach is about helping people name the beasts that hold them back – and to systematically engage with and overcome them.

I work with people who aspire to do or create extraordinary things. I do this through writing, speaking, running live events, delivering training sessions and seminars and by coaching individuals on a one to one basis. I’m based in the UK.




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