take a breath... better make it a big one

By Graham O'Neill

Sports, Biography & memoir | eBook

‘take a breath…’ consists of a series of lighthearted anecdotes and observations about the pursuit of freediving. It explores both the thrill and a smattering of the science associated with breath-hold diving, but it is definitely not a ‘How-To’ guide. Indeed, some of the exploits described could be viewed as risky bordering on downright stupid! Hopefully you will enjoy the read - if so, I am pleased. If I fire your imagination sufficiently for you to pack mask, fins and snorkel for your next holiday, then I am delighted. On the other hand, if reading this gives you nightmares, then my work here is done!

Graham started scuba diving at the age of 16, rode horses through his 20's, became an obsessive windsurfer in his 30's and had a go at free-diving in his 40's. While all of this was going on he rode a bike to keep fit and get to the pub. In later life, in an effort to stave off dementia he has taken up singing and dancing.




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