Children of Nature - A History of Witches

By Carol Ann Lewis

General non-fiction | Paperback

Witches have never really had a good press, feared and persecuted for centuries simply for believing in something different. This book examines the witch, from early pagan times through to the European witch hunts and beyond. It also tries to answer why communities became so fearful of them and records many of the trials they endured and the inhumane torture methods put into practice in order to gain confessions. This book tries to break down the stereotypical image of witches flying around on broomsticks causing plagues, that we know today and see them as they really were, just ordinary people accused of crimes they could not have possibly committed.

Carol Ann Lewis was born in 1969 in South Wales. She is secretary of a writers group and began writing in school where she had poetry lessons with Gillian Clarke. She likes writing about history and the supernatural. She has four children and six grandchildren.




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