The Power Within...

By Raman Bhanot

Personal growth, Psychology & philosophy, Flash fiction

Paperback, eBook

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3 mins


“What do you want?” the voice certainly did come out, but so faint and thin, that I wonder whether it even reached his ears – so I added “Just who are you?”
“I am the spirit”, he said, smiling lovingly. I am almost on the verge of fainting, but am also confused. Why is he speaking to me so sweetly and with such great affection? All the childhood tales that I recall have depicted the spirit with red, burning eyes -and not with such a gentle smile. Just before I could swoon and collapse, he began to elaborate –
“The thoughts moving in the Universe on which you have more faith than you have on yourself I am that Flame. Fear not. I am one of your forms. The form which you worship within your own self – that Form am I. Those thoughts moving in the Universe, on which you have more faith than you, have on your own self – That Flame am I!”
“You are God” – my voice became a little louder on thinking that perhaps there is no need to feel as afraid as I was feeling. But still unclear about what was happening, I am still doubtful.
“If you feel thus, even then it is alright. You can call me God.”
“Why would you give me your darshan? Neither do I worship you nor do I take your name.”
“I am not a big man, instead I am within you. I do not give darshan – I am near you at all times, inside you always. Only when you have the time to peep within your innermost being, do you glimpse me. I am not affected by outward worship or by people taking my name. But, whenever you will look deep within your Self, you shall find me.”
I am numb. I have nothing to say. I sat down with folded hands, opening my eyes wide, I sat listening –
“When you will start speaking to your inner conscience you will be able to see everything very, very clearly- you will be able to experience the Truth. When you talk to your inner self, you will not be able to utter a lie and you will be able to see the Truth very clearly. You will not be able to nurture your ego because the reality of your Being shall become crystal clear to you. You will not remain attached to anything because you will have found your own Self. You will neither get angry nor become attached. Then I will most certainly become visible to you.”
I had not still got the answer to my question. If you are within me every moment, then why is it that only today I see you? I had only thought this, when the voice from the front said to me -
“It is because you have spent some moments delving deep within yourself today that I have come in front of you.”


There is a window next to the bed. The moment I wake up, habitually I watch nature outside
from this window. From here I have a view of the backside lawn, where a bird has made a nest
on a peepul (sacred fig) tree; and its nest is next to window which is adjacent to my bed. This view reminds me of a story I had read in my childhood, in which the rays from the rising sun, filter through the tree leaves, entering the girl’s room through the window.

On this tree is a sparrow, with her babies chirping in its nest. From childhood it was my desire to see such a view and what a coincidence – I see this view every single day. The first rays of the morning sun enter my room through the leaves of this tree. For the last three years I have been enjoying this moment and yet, am not tired of it.


“Bhaiya, Fateh Nagar”
I was completely out of breath and could barely speak. The auto driver, who was wearing a rather dirty shirt, looked back and stared at me because due to my nervous mumbling, he could not decipher what I was saying, so I raised my voice and repeated:
“Fateh Nagar”.
He nodded a ‘yes’ and again turned around and said “Twenty rupees.”
“Take thirty, but just move fast.”
The driver started the auto and I sat down. Interlocking my fingers, I started to thank God, but I am also blaming Him for having put me into this situation – I do not know whom to thank and whom to blame – all I know is that I am well and alive!!

I stopped the auto a few steps away from my home. Before getting down I put my hand inside the pocket and took out a note from the upper-most bundle. I saw that all the notes were in the denomination of five hundred. As I gave the note to the auto driver, he said:
“What sir, are you joking? I do not have a five-hundred change.”
I do not have any other note apart from the five hundred ones. I again extended the note toward him and said:
“Keep it.”
“Such graciousness? Hope this is not a counterfeit” – said the auto driver, jokingly.
“To make a fake, five hundred note, it must cost more than twenty rupees. Keep it, thinking it to be a counterfeit. It will be honoured for more than twenty rupees.”
Looking carefully again at the note, the auto driver saluted me and then looking heavenward, he mumbled something and blessed me.



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