Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love

By Pamela Cummins

General non-fiction, Personal growth


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2 mins

Introduction and Self-Discovery


This eBook was formerly called “Tips for Singles” self-published and copyrighted in 2005, now revised and updated. The world has certainly changed since 2005. Dating sites are more socially accepted and singles are encouraged to use them. Cell phones have been through major upgrades and texting has become a way of life. But the biggest and most important change is the eBook and how it has helped the Indie authors.
I have also changed since writing this book. I came out of the psychic closet shortly after “Tips for Singles” was published. Now I am now doing the work that I love and have evolved more as I continue to work on myself. When I compare this eBook to my eBook “Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships” published in December of 2012, I can see how far I have come. That does not discount the useful information in this eBook that will help singles.

This eBook was written to help singles take charge of their love lives. The insights encourage you to work on your self-esteem, self-growth, being positive, and to be the best person you can be.

The questions following the insights can be used for reflection, meditation, and/or to answer these questions in a journal, computer, or IPad. When you fulfill your potential, you increase your chance of attracting the right one.
Let us begin….


Always be yourself when dating. It is not fair to you or your potential mate if you pretend to be someone you are not, just to impress them, or to keep yourself from being alone. Do you really want someone to fall in love with your pretend self? It is important to have enough self-esteem to be who you are and have someone love you for being you.

Did you ever pretend to be something you are not?
What happened and how did you feel when you behaved like someone else?
How does it feel being accepted for who you are?

Discover Who You Are:

‘Who am I’ is one of the oldest questions of all time. How can you be yourself if you do not know who you are? The journey of self-discovery is a fascinating one. To start this journey, observe yourself throughout the day to find out what makes you: happy, sad, angry, jealous, or nervous. What types of music, movies, food, clothes, books, and physical activities do you enjoy? When you are discovering and getting to know the real you, it becomes easier to attract the right mate.

Are you willing to discover who you are?
What are your likes and dislikes?
Do you know what activities you enjoy?

Be Good To You:

The happiest and most positive people in the world do at least one nice thing for themselves each day. Here are examples of nice things you can do for yourself: listen to your favorite song, read the comics or something inspirational, go for a walk, exercise, spend time with your pet or child, call someone who lifts your spirits or lift theirs, meditate, do nothing for ten minutes, take a bath, spend time in nature, or watch your favorite TV show. When you are good to yourself, it shows and makes you more attractive to the world.

Are you ready to be good to yourself?
What can you do to be good to yourself?
Can you promise yourself that every day you will do at least one nice thing for yourself?

Do Not Put Your Life on Hold for a Potential Mate:

The worst thing you can do is keep checking your messages or not make plans in case a romantic interest contacts you. That is not taking care of yourself. Instead do things you enjoy and be with your family or friends. Live your life. Then your potential mate will find you much more interesting, enjoyable, and authentic.

Have you ever not made plans or changed them because of a potential mate?
What happened and how did you feel?
Did you hurt anyone by your actions?



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