Amidst the Storm

By Robyn Hyita Frampton

Romance, Thriller

Paperback, eBook

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2 mins


Life here on earth is a testament to who we are, identifying each and every one of us as individuals. The physical and mental battles we endure and the choices that we make are a recipe for each chapter of our worldly existence, a definition of what type of soldiers we truly are and the kind of strength we possess, a testament to the very reasons for our trials and tribulations.
Can we see to make good of the bad, forgive those who bring us pain, and then move forward with every situation and obstacle that is handed down before us?
For many the battle is too much to fight and the darkness engulfs their solitary existence, slowly taking them to a place they will sadly never escape only to result in certain destruction.
Yet for the strong the darkness constantly tugs on them, which only causes them to fight back and eventually conquer evil as they continue to persevere from heartache and pain. Those who are the strong and worthy soldiers never give in and never give up. Instead, they claim the victory that is due to them in the end.
Each and every human being, the young and the old, the weak and the strong, are all warriors and educators. We are all born into this world with a purpose even if we remain on this earth for just a short time. The time of our existence teaches us more than one lesson, and with all the lessons we learn, through generation to generation, each lesson will evolve into our certain eternity. Every soul and every existence has meaning, and each one should never go unnoticed or unappreciated and certainly never be forgotten.
We are one in existence and one with each other. We all make up our universe and soldiers each are we....

Chapter One

Brandt was stunned. He couldn't believe his eyes. He stopped the truck and stared out of the windshield for a few moments before opening the door and stepping out. Taking in a deep breath he started down the hill, thinking of how beautiful the landscape was and how much he had always loved being in this little slice of paradise, though shocked of what he'd encountered there this day. It seemed as though he couldn't make it down the hill fast enough.
After all the time that had passed and how he had resigned himself to the fact that he would never see her again, there she stood directly in front of him, and of all places one of his most treasured destinations.
She said nothing, just stared up at him, and he saw the panic in her eyes, but soon the look turned to surprise when she recognized just who he was.
"Hello, beautiful Shai, fancy meeting you here," Brandt said when he made it to her.
Shai was frozen, much like she had been when they had first met so many years before, but finally the words came to her."It's you, Brandt, here you are."
"And here you are, Shai. What are you doing up here all alone? How have you been? It's been so long. In my wildest imagination I would have never dreamed I would see you here. You're as beautiful as I remembered." Brandt's words fading as he gazed into her eyes.



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