Boys Don't Play Dolls

By AJ Hard

Horror, Children's | Paperback

Michael Maw collects action figures, not dolls. He doesn’t have a single doll in his collection that is until his 15th birthday. When one of Michael’s friends gives him a doll as a joke, but Michael is not going to accept a doll for his birthday, but how do you get rid of a doll no one wants, with hideous skin, ugly, sharp teeth, and seems to always follow you no matter where you go? Because this doll can walk and talk, and she gets pretty mad when separated from her owner…

Asia Hardwick (AJ Hard) has always dreamed of being famous for either his writing or his music. A.J has been inspired by Goosebumps (R.L. Stine) to work on his own scary series, "After I read 'Let's Get Invisible' I only gave interest to R.L. Stine's book series." Shiver & Fears may have some errors, but with the help of his friends A.J hopes his books will be read all over the world!



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