By Kelvin Kelley

Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

When Homicide Detective Jack King’s family is brutally murdered by a psychopathic assassin, he travels back in time through an experimental portal in an effort to stop the murders before they can occur. If he fails, their blood will be on his hands. The newly functioning machine can only open a portal to a specific point in the past. June 7th at 1845 hours, the night his family died. But when Jack emerges in the past, he cannot stop events from occurring as they did the first time. He desperately races against time tracking the man who will kill his family, while trying to avoid his other self and accidentally setting off a sequence of events that could disrupt the future forever. If he can stop the killer in time, they live. If not, they die. Again. **Includes Bonus chapters of Kelvin Kelley's upcoming book, Immortal**

A long time avid science fiction fan, Kelvin Kelley loves to ask the question, what if? It is that question that leads him to explore the amazing possibilities and then bring them to life in his novels. He resides with his beloved wife, Charlotte, their dog, Frazi, and two cats, Ittle Bit and Kitterpups, in the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.




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